The Mustad 277 Gold Plated in Size 32, Arguably the Smallest Hook Ever Made! For Sale Today!

by Steve B

The Mustad 277 Gold Plated in Size 32, arguably the smallest, most sought after hook ever made! For Sale Today!, that’s right available today from Steve at ! For those of you who love to tie micro dry flies then this is the Holy Grail of all hooks and rarer than the Loch Ness Monster!. You only have to read the forums online to hear that for over a decade tyers have scoured local fly tackle stores and fly tackle swaps for these mini gems. Sought after for years by many specialist fly tyers and fly tying demonstrators across the globe. These true size 32 hooks are almost extinct, but I am going to part with a few from my own personal collection. If you love tying small flies, then challenge yourself with this micro hook, to say it is small is an understatement! It is almost unimaginable to think these hooks can be made by hand, and even more incredible is that they can be transformed at the bench into trophy hunting Midges, Gnats and Olives. Dust off your eye glasses and magnifiers because you are going to need them.

The Mustad 277 size 32 hook does not come with the traditional eyelet as most tippets would be too thick to thread, it comes a spade-end, where you tie your tipped behind the flattened spade similar to hooks use for course fishing. This Vintage Mustad 277 is perfect for micro midges and olives, but handle with care and don’t drop them, they are so small that they will be almost invisible in the fibers of most carpets. If you have been in search of these tiny wonders then message me on one of our social pages, or email me and we can get some on the way. I also ask that all purchasers send me through a photo of their first creation, this photo may be used in a future ReelFlies™ blog. They are available as single hooks, and original sealed 100x packs. (price by request, limited availability, worldwide shipping and packaging extra)